Saturday, January 30


was a success!!!

Friends and family were greeted at the door with some more fun foam LEGOs.

There was some time for hard work & special creations. Awards were given for "Most Colorful", "Most Creative", "Tallest Tower" and "Funniest Creation".
We also played "stick the dot on the LEGO" (you can see it in the back behind the toy kitchen) - and we dropped LEGOs from up high on a chair into a jar. When the kids first got there, they also played hide & seek for a specific color of LEGOs.
There was time for treats & goodies. Brightly colored placemats, red plates, cups & napkins, and bendy straws were set out for each kid. Lego candies were in the middle of the table, and we also had some Chex Mix & popcorn for the kids to munch on. With the kids we had red Kool-Aid, cupcakes with Lego candies on them, and ice cream.

There was time for cake!!!! It's a 9x13 with cupcakes on top. I'm not really happy with how it turned out, but fondant was not my friend on decorating day... and it's REALLY hard to make homemade frosting be a bright LEGO color! We enjoyed the big cake with family.

A good time was had by all... now I'm tired & headed off to bed!

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Bird Crafts Party


MaryAnne said...

Looks and sounds like a great party!

Melissa said...

I Love This! I am hoping to use some of your ideas for Cooper's party in July. You are inspirational:)

Bird said...

The best cakes (or at least the ones children remember) tend to be the ones mum made with love! and yours is just like that! I love it!

Great, fun and new ideas! 'Cause both my boy and girl love lego! :)

Thank you for linking up to my party Link Party!

I'll be hosting one at least once a month, so feel free to link up your party posts!

thank you also for posting the party button! :)


Stephanie Lynn said...

Hi Beth! Thanks so much for joining the Celebration Party! Such a cute theme. I love the foam legos - so creative! The tee you created is amazing - Love it! All your hard work paid off as I am sure your boy and guests were in total bliss! Job well done!