Thursday, April 23

rock a bye baby

Check out this adorable doll cradle. It was one of my daughter's birthday presents. And you betcha - it was handmade by her uncle. Doesn't he rock?? (he'll make you one for a small fee. contact me for details. His business is called Rustic Ridge Woodworking.)

Here it is in her bedroom, photographed with the quilt from her bed. (My mom made her that tulip quilt before she was born.)
I covered the foam mattress in a dark blue swirly fabric. Why? Because I love blue and had a bunch of it in my stash, and I looooove the look of blue and white.

Here is one of her dolls in the bed, covered in a little piece of fleece. I did stitch her name on the little pillow, but these details are just temporary. I'm planning on something bigger and better. Something classier, for sure!

My mom said she thinks she has another tulip square. I know the perfect home for it!!!!

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Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

How great ... very classic. I love it.