Monday, January 26

candy land

My son just recently discovered Candy Land. I'm sure many afternoons of mind-numbing boredom are to come, but for now we're having fun. The colors, the candy - what's not to love?! I think he's starting a love affair with Princess Frostline. I just laugh at Grandma Nutt.

In the past I've tried some spin-the-dial-count-the-number games but it's just too tiresome for him to count out the squares. Especially Chutes and Ladders - not only does he have to count out the squares, but the grid system is just entirely too much for him to handle. He needs a straight and narrow path. (hmmmm the story of his life?!)
I should probably try again with some of our other games. He's been REALLY into counting things lately and using my measuring tape. Now if only I trusted him with a rotary cutter I could really put him to work.

I'm also thinking about lots of variations of Candy Land... at this point they're mostly fabric related. They make a bunch of versions of Monopoly - why can't we tweak Candy Land a little? Make it more exciting for all the crafty moms out there? Can't you just see it now... Moda Land... Anybody up for a game or two?

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