Saturday, January 3

happy new year

I decided to start the year off right... and my husband agreed that was a good idea. So I've been trying to stay in craft-land as much as possible, and I have a lot to show for it. yay.
Turtle quilt top for my new niece. My sis-in-law picked the pattern and fabrics. We're going off a Quiltmaker magazine design, but with our own fabrics. I think it's pretty cute. Lovin' the blue vibe!
My sis-in-law did the quilt top and I'm going to quilt it together for her. I've got lots of swirls and stars in my brain, we'll see how it turns out.
Princess Grace's pillow top. The fairy wand/ princess design was something I bought - and I'm SO happy with how it stitched out. Too cute for my darling niece.

I also made my son's ROCK STAR birthday party invites, but forgot to take a picture. I'll try and remember to get one back from my mom. My husband said they're the best ones yet (out of 4, not bad). I think it's just cause he likes the Guitar Hero vibe.

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