Sunday, January 18

coming up

So... my son is almost 4. wowie kazowie. It surprises me and amazes me and shocks me when I say "my almost-four year old". When did that happen? I spent today working on a couple things for him - - - guitar flannel pajama pants, appliqued tank top and tee shirt - - - and a onesie dress for my daughter. I wish I could figure out the reverse applique process. I got pretty frustrated with how it turned out on the onesie so I abandoned that plan and just did it the "regular" way for his two shirts. Oh well. I'll have to keep trying.

His birthday party theme is "ROCK STAR" so that's why I went with the cool guitar stuff. I also emblazoned the shirt with "rock on" - should be pretty cool. Her onesie dress is made with the same material, so she'll be all set to go for the party. Too cute.

I also spent some time yesterday at the sewing machine repair shop. Ugh. Again. Just a week after an $80 tune-up. This time was much more helpful. Even though I spent about the same amount, this time it was only on supplies. yay. I hopefully solved some of my large embroidery problems, and learned about a feature on my machine that I didn't even know existed. Phew. So much easier finishing up that towel.

Now I just have to gear up for the week. Sometimes I just dread Monday mornings. I've got to get over it. Monday morning is still going to come. I've got to come up with something to make it more appealing. Maybe a trip to the grocery store....??!! ha ha ha.
Well - at least Tuesday will be an interesting day!!!!

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