Saturday, January 10

this weekend

My weekend.

My son isn't napping.
My daughter's long nap for the day was this morning.
It's been snowing since before I woke up.
My sewing machine's in the shop and I have at least 10 orders waiting.
My husband is gone. Skiing. Until tomorrow night.
My daughter keeps crawling for the toys that AREN'T ok for her to play with.

I have pizza in the freezer!
I have chocolate!
I have a truck to drive!
I have a son who wants to BigKick-it with me!
I have a daughter who can crawl! She turned 9 mo. yesterday. How did that happen?!
I get to take my kids to church tomorrow!
I have a son who loves Matchbox cars and playmats in his bedroom!

I feel like singing Facts of Life's theme song... you take the good, you take the bad, you take it all and there you have... Unfortunately it is now mixing up with the lime and the coconut shaking song, thanks to a friend on Facebook.

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