Saturday, January 24


I saw a post about someone making fish and a fishing pole. I made about a dozen funky fabric fish with magnets inside, and will soon be making the pole. One more goody for the soon-to-be-4 yr. old. My husband's out getting a dowel for the pole part, so I decided to sit down at the computer and waste some time. Logical, I know.

And I was sitting here thinking - I do a lot of fishing.

Mind you, I HATE the idea of sticking bait on a hook and sitting there waiting for some slippery nasty-smelling thing to flop in my lap. I like the sitting by the water part, that's about it.

But I do a lot of fishing. Fishing for help, fishing for compliments, fishing for attention... Like today. I said "when you take them to Home Depot to get the dowel..." and he said "Oh, I thought I was only taking Conner." uh. NO - take them both, why don't you? Fishing fishing fishing.

I have also told my husband how sometimes I don't feel appreciated enough (I'm type A control freak first child EXTROVERT) who used to work out of the home at a job that gave me lots of pats on the back. Nature of the beast is that doesn't happen now. So, instead of just finding the inner beauty and joys of parenthood on my own, I have to ask for compliments. All the time. Fishing fishing fishing.

So, I decided to blog to get my thoughts out. But I keep them private, because who'd want to read the ramblings of a stressed-out type-a-control-freak mom who just wants to sew?!!! Then I received a 2nd shout-out today from someone suggesting that I make my blog public, or at least give them an invite so they can read it. Is it fishing if I go public? Cast out my line (or whatever the right term is) and maybe somebody will be nice enough to say... yep, been there. You think two kids is crazy, try 6. Or yeah, your hubby's schedule is crazy - mine's been deployed for a year. (did I mention sarcasm is one of my stronger traits?!)

Or maybe somebody will say... yeah we all have crazy lives... isn't it fun to be crafty... let's just try and enjoy the ride.
Maybe I'll even listen.

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