Thursday, January 29

pillows to be

A friend of mine wants me to make tooth fairy pillows for her two kids (who coincidentally have the same letters of their first name as my kids' names).
What do you think?

(The funky dark spot on the top right of the C pirate pillow is due to a water/iron mishap. And honestly, I'm too tired to wait for it to dry, take another picture, blah blah. It is what it is.)
She wanted something plain and simple for her son (who LOVES pirate stuff) and something girly for her daughter. That one was more fun. It's got a pretty, delicate little trim around the princess picture, it's a TOTALLY soft fuzzy pink fabric, and then the pocket is minkee embossed with roses. (Her middle name happens to be Rose.) Their initials are cut out of felt and just stitched down the middle. Have you seen all the crazy felt out there? Embossed, tie-dyed, polka dots - not just plain anymore. Wow.
Now I just have to get some stuffing and they'll be done.

My son - he always surprises me. We were working on another (much more boring) pillow for daddy a couple days ago (when I used up my stuffing) and we were talking about his upcoming birthday. I asked him if there were any presents he really wanted. He said "I want more stuffing so I can make more pillows for daddy." How sweet is that??!!!

On a sour note - my machine seems to be possessed. I was quilting and it FIVE TIMES decided to turn off & on again in rapid succession. I cut the thread and turned it off. I haven't gone back. I'm contemplating my next move. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THAT THING? (I'm still recovering from the insanity of the needle-breaking fiasco.)

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