Sunday, January 25

sunday stuff

I've been meaning to post a picture of Grace's quilt top. Then I realized I only had one not so great picture. Here it is. I may come back later and edit when I can get a picture of it on her bed.

I also was able to spend time on one of my other crafty interests - card making. Conner & I started working on his valentines. He BigKick cut out all the hearts, arranged them on the cards, added stickers, and picked out a color of glitter glue for me to initial for each of his preschool friends.

I also finished making his birthday thank you cards. I finally got the Inkadinkado stamp set, but then just didn't really leave myself enough time to play with it adequately. It will be fun to do more stuff in the future with this set!

The insides will be nice too - I can write "Dear Grama and Grampa... YOU ROCK! Thank you for...." and then he can put a big C under the ROCK STAR stamp to sign it.

***I think it's pretty interesting that at church today the minister preached about being "fishers of men". My son's choir sang a song (and he's been singing it non-stop the rest of the day). Not sure what it means yet, but I'm adding it to my thoughts for the day. Should I go fishing? Still deciding...

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