Saturday, October 11


So I finished my daughter's Halloween costume today. Much more effort than I originally planned, but so it goes. Now the "bloomin' garden" is done (except for a tag on the back). It took me way longer because I decided to follow the pattern (!!!!) and put in a lining. That meant more fabric, more cutting, more piecing and a little ripping out of what I'd already done.
All done while my other family members were going crazy. My son wouldn't nap, my husband wanted to work on our driveway (mudpit!) and my daughter wouldn't eat.
Who's idea was it to make this silly thing? oh yeah, mine.
Who would have noticed or cared if my daughter's first Halloween costume was storebought? Probably only me. (OK - maybe my mom and one friend who knows I can sew and would comment about it.)
Why do I put myself through this? Just to be counter-cultural and not buy it off a rack? Maybe a little. But ultimately, I find joy in creating something. Having a vision in my mind and being able to make it happen.

I may have a vision of married life, parental life, my body, my house, my car... but those are often too hard, time-consuming, or expensive to bring to fruition. But sewing...that's something I can do. usually. Maybe even in the course of one crazy afternoon! It might mean ripping out some threads, but I can make it happen. And what a victory it is. I am so proud that what I envisioned has been accomplished. Hooray for me!

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