Monday, October 13


A member of my extended family and I have not always seen eye to eye on things. In fact, she did something hurtful on the day of my wedding, and something hurtful after the death of my grandfather. Things that although small add up to hurt feelings anyway. Because we live far apart and weren't ever really that close, the relationship never really fully healed. Slowly we have rebuilt a few bridges through sharing stories about our sons, a month apart in age. Today I found out that she miscarried. Every pregnancy is a miracle, and even more so for her because she thought she would never be able to conceive. She has adopted two boys and built a wonderful life for herself with an amazing husband by her side (when he's not deployed). Today, my heart breaks for her. This is an unimaginable awful hurt that I wouldn't wish on anyone. God bless her with courage to tackle this hurdle.

On a smaller scale, here's our family's story tonight... My husband was working on a project outside - widening our driveway and adding some gravel. He pinched his finger in the tailgate of his truck and found himself at the ER getting 2 stitches.

There's a lot of mending to be done right now. Relationships, dreams, bodies, souls.

Blest be the tie that binds.

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