Sunday, October 5

why be the thread...

I used to teach and my login was bethteaches. Then I changed internet providers and became a librarian. So I decided to be bethreads. Beth Reads. That has proven to be a discussion point time and time again. When I give my email address over the phone I have to clarify that no my maiden name was not Reeves. I have to explain that I USED to read lots of books - books I could discuss with adults - but now I just read books titled "I Stink", "My Truck is Stuck" and anything starting with "The Very..."
Then a new friend who didn't know I was a librarian in my pre-children-life said, Be Threads? Is that because you like to sew?

And I started thinking how I sometimes feel like I'm hanging by a thread.

So... be the thread. The thread that holds my family together. Sometimes, the communicator between my brother and parents. The one who's "always around" for the kids since my husband works outside the home (in a couple different jobs).

And also how I want to be a thread sometimes - woven into something beautiful, strong, and creative.

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