Sunday, October 5

hanging by a thread

so. here I am. hanging on by a thread.

Life sometimes seems too overwhelming. Between the impending doom of nuclear holocaust, environmental disasters, and economic crisis, it's hard to find a positive future. Then I wake up the next morning and greet my children.
A 6 month old girl and a 3-1/2 year old boy with an ACTIVE imagination give me a lot to look forward to. Between starting her on rice cereal, sitting her UP to play, and increased waking hours and interest in the world around her, my dear little girl is not nearly the baby she used to be. Then there's my little boy - no longer a toddler, but truly a boy. He is starting preschool, gaining independence (grabbing it by the horns?!) and continually imagining up new adventures that can only be faced with his fire boots pulled on and doggie in hand.
Then my husband comes home from work and I am greeted with a man so in love with me, and so in love with our children. He finds a way to make my evening a little less stressful - a quick run around the block with the kids, a spoon to the food on the stove, whatever it takes.

So, why am I hanging by a thread?! Expectations that are too high. I don't consider myself a perfectionist, but yet here I am - trying to be "that mom", yet buying premade brownie mix. Trying to be "that wife" but hiring a cleaning lady. And trying to be "that business owner" but being terrified of the paperwork and having a product that isn't what my customers want.

Join me on the ride.

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