Friday, October 31

halloween threads

My husband is blasting the spooky music and sounds, my son is screaming at the trick-or-treaters that "we have candy!!!" and my daughter's bedroom is at the front of the house. Thank goodness she can sleep through all the craziness.
Did I mention my son didn't nap? So if someone dares to pass by our house without stopping, he starts bawling because he couldn't give them candy. [later when he was putting his PJs on he started crying because someone came to the door and he couldn't go down and give them candy because he was half-naked.]
And remember how I said I worked SO hard on my daughter's costume? Basically everyone thought she was a dinosaur. aarghh. I thought she was cute.
My husband went in to work last night at midnight, and has had a 2L of Mountain Dew throughout the course of the day. He's exhausted and a little crabby (understandably).

Thankfully I've got a bowl full of chocolate.
Happy Halloween.

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