Tuesday, October 7

what kind of thread would you be?

My son was helping me wind bobbin thread this morning. He was having so much fun lining up the empty bobbins, pressing the start button, feeling it "tickle" his fingers, and then putting them in my case when they were done. Such a simple easy task and yet so vital to my future sewing projects. We finished off a spool of thread and that empty spool became a new toy. What a fun way to spend my daughter's morning naptime.
It got me to thinking about thread again. Always weaving itself in and out of my life...

I found
this website and I was kind of having fun looking at all the different kinds of thread under the microscope. It made me wish I had my own microscope to check out my stash.
What kind of thread would you be? Would you be a sturdy all-purpose white? Rayon embroidery thread? Glow-in-the-dark? Are you a shimmery metallic ready to snap if the tension gets off? Would you be bobbin thread? Stuck in the bottom, wound tightly? But SO important to the final project? Or are you the bargain basket thread, fraying, splitting, and coming apart? But gosh darn it, getting the job done on a budget.

I see my son as a variegated multi-colored thread. There is so much color brilliance and to him! And he is ALWAYS changing. My daughter is still revealing herself to me. I would call her a bright pink embroidery thread. Gorgeous, eye-catching, and "the icing on the cake".
As for myself...today I feel like a nice solid blue all-purpose thread. I got the job done, no fuss or flair, but in my favorite color.

Somedays I feel like a bobbin. Somedays I'm a twisted variegated rayon embroidery thread. Every once in a while I'm that shimmering metallic. Either way I'm trying to weave myself into something special.

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