Tuesday, June 9

blue day

In our house, a blue day is a good day. Blue makes us happy. Check out this bit of goodness! A family friend knit this for Abby. I'm lucky if I can figure out a scarf (with a book sitting next to me!) so I am TOTALLY impressed with her handiwork.Abby decided to lift it up and show off the skirt for you.
This is my contribution to blue day. I LOVE the skirt (found it at Target, of course!) and the tank too - what a cute scoop neck, right? But you know I can't leave a shirt plain! That's just not my style. So I went to my blue stash and picked out two favorite fabrics. The circle background is a really light blue with white dots. The a is from the dragonfly fabric shown on my header. Then on the side I used a couple Sizzix dies and cut out felt flowers, stitched them on, and put a blue flower button in the middle. (and yep, she's not just looking down to be shy or cute, she's eyeing the veggie booty her brother is eating!!!)
Oh my gosh mommy, why do I not have my blue shoes on??!! (Don't worry Abby, the white matches better. It's the wrong shade of blue in your shoes.)
Yeah, Conner saw her and said "Mommy, is Abby 6 already?" - it took me a minute to figure it out. Uh, no honey, you can just write "a" a lot of different ways.
Still learning.

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Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

I like the monogram and circle ... really darling.