Monday, June 22

display space

My front room has slowly morphed from a not-really used room, to my creative space. It has the piano and a hutch too, but more importantly - it is my craft space. It houses my shelves, tables, sewing machine, fabric, and other assorted goodies.
Because it's the first room people see, I have to be a little aware of what it looks like if someone just stops by. Sometimes I just say oh well, but when I need to clean up I do - and I turn it into a consultation space for meeting with customers.
Recently, we added a display shelf. (I can't take all the credit - all I did was pick out the shelf. My hubby did the install.)
I love how deep it is - no problem holding my fuzzy cubes, hooded towels, and lovey blankets. I love it that people can see the goodies when they walk in the door, rather than having to dig around in a plastic tub. And my favorite part - the shelf brackets. I chose them with those squares for a couple reasons - I don't really love the whole country look anyway, and figured the little squares would be great for hanging some of my items. I kind of feel like the top of the shelf is pretty crowded though, so I guess I better start selling some things!!!!


Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

I'm so jealous of your creative area ... must make it easy to get to work when inspiration hits.

MaryAnne said...

Those shelf brackets are genius as a display area!

I wonder if you could create some sort of a cubby system on the shelf to display those items without it looking so crowded?