Thursday, June 25

the porch - again

Ok. Well the heat index is like 100 all week. So I'm pretty sure we're not going to get much landscaping done. This is what it looks like now. If I didn't just post it now, it might never happen.Some of the plants from before are going back in, and we're going to have a little more empty space (I think?) which is probably a good thing. Maybe some bulbs in the fall... or annuals next spring.I'm just not sure I love the furniture set-up either. It's just hard because the windows aren't the up/down kind, they're the crank out kind - so you have to be careful what you put in front of them. And I don't really want furniture crowding the door. Ultimately, I'd love two wooden rockers I think. I don't want to be Cracker Barrel or anything, I just love the idea of sitting in a big comfy rocker sipping sweet tea while the kids play in the yard.

What DO I love???
I love that the posts are clean and simple (although at this point unpainted).
I love that there is room to sit on the glider and not kick the bushes.
I love that I don't hit the roof with the door when it opens.
I love that I have a blank canvas to decorate.

So, for now I will just try and enjoy my sweet tea, and try and dream up something fun so I'm more impressed with it than I am right now. What are your front porch dreams?


Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

I just dream of having a front porch! On said dream porch, though ... I would like a two seater swing, lots of hanging plants, and an outdoor stereo system.

Sarah said...

Ditto- a front porch at all. We have this sort of hallway thing that really doesn't count to me.
Yours looks great!

beki said...

It looks nice! The front of my house looks HORRIBLE at the moment. We need to do something, but it's been too darned hot.