Monday, June 15

i think I'm a geek...

This is my wish list. No it's not my birthday, Mother's Day, or even Christmas. I'm just having some serious cravings. (This is also MUCH more fun than doing laundry or dishes!)

iPhone 3G S
MMS. GPS. VIDEO!!! Ah what fun I could have.

I really want to read more. Maybe this would inspire me to get off the computer and away from the sewing machine? (Or maybe it will just make me want to sit on the hammock and read all day long!)

My very own Chucks
Kacey at Chronicles of a Mommy did a great post about her Chucks (and those of her 3 kids). And it got me to thinking. Every time I pass the shoe section at Target my hand almost reaches out and grabs them. But did you know you can make your very own??? Be still my beating heart. So many fun choices. (Of course I chose blue!) They also have a cute floral design... and some turquoise ones... oh my.While we're on the subject of design your own... Have you seen the Timbuktu bags? Here's the one I would choose.

What's on your random wish list? Are you into the tech toys too? Why is it they make such a big deal of this stuff on Father's Day? Can't mothers want the goods too?!!! And is $62 too much to spend on sneakers??!!!


Jackie said...

Try Keds - they look just about like that and are less expensice.

MaryAnne said...

I'm completely with you on the iphone and the kindle - I'd add a wii in there too...

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

Not so much into tech toys unless you count crafting tech, like really good die cuts. $62 isn't too much as long as you wear them (a ton) and they're comfortable. For my list, see my blog ... it's all I've been talking about lately ... cravings!