Tuesday, June 30

rainbows... and my pot of gold

I know it's not St. Patrick's Day. Bear with me.

I saw this cake made by Meg at whatever... and decided today was the day to give it a try!
Start off with some white cake, a bunch of Wilton food coloring, bowls, and 8"cake pans.

We had so much fun mixing the colors in!

The cooking time was a bit less than the box said for 8" cakes (about 15 min). I cooked a few of the layers at a time just so I wasn't slaving in the kitchen all day.
Then after waiting *forever* for them to cool, I trimmed, frosted, layered, stacked, trimmed, frosted, frosted, and frosted some more. I didn't feel like going to get my ruler. But I wanted to give you a little perspective as to how tall 6 layers of cake is.
Then I swore my son to secrecy... I wanted it to be a good surprise and an amazing reveal. He actually decided to tell Daddy that it was just a big pile of frosting sitting on the cake plate.

Then we cut in & enjoyed the pretty colorful bunch of sugary yumminess after dinner.
Isn't it gorgeous???!!! I just didn't have a ton of frosting and didn't want to make more. I suppose it would take on a whole new look with thickers layers of frosting in-between. I kind of like it this way!
So why go to all this trouble? It's my anniversary. Love ya, sweetie! (he's my pot of gold, a treasure indeed!!!)

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MaryAnne said...

Beautiful cake - and happy (late) anniversary!