Wednesday, June 3

tents aren't just for camping

I survived the Wilton Tent Sale. Here's my tale. Short (not really) and sweet (it's Wilton, what did you expect?)

Packed up the kids, picked up my mom. Drove on "the high road" (what my son calls the highway) and made it there. Ended up parking across from a McDonalds. No stroller in the car (WHERE IS IT!!!). Got a shopping cart, and walked in to this...
6 REALLY long aisles of boxes and boxes of everything... sprinkles, pots, pans, fondant, cupcake liners, scrapbooking stuff, picture frames, stickers, cake decorating tips, cookie cutters, candy molds....
Food consumed: granola bar, Cheerios, graham crackers. Only one major meltdown - it ended up that I wasn't looking under the correct pallet on the ground for the Silly Putty that my son dropped. Yeah, it was that good.
Then we walked outside of the tent in the 50 degree weather to stand in the checkout line.Luckily, there were 3 port-a-potties for my son to choose from. Only mildly traumatizing. I won't go into details there. The line moved pretty quickly and we were outta there.

Remember where I said we parked? Yep, good old McDonalds. So my son enjoyed his first McDonald's Playland experience. Mark this day down in history. At that point - whatever! I was just proud of both my kids for surviving.
Now I get to come home and enjoy all the lovelies I got for 50% off!!!!
I have 2 angled spatulas (didn't have any before, now I have two sizes!) - more parchment paper & decorating bags, a LARGE coupler & star tip, jumbo nonpareils, a few new food colors, candy melts, small "cookie lifter", and cool blue ice cream scoop.I think the cart was a little too close to the merchandise because I swear I didn't pick out all these cupcake liners & cookie cutters. There is a daisy muffin/cupcake pan, stackable Easter Bunny cookie parts, a fondant people cutter set, and tall sparkly candles.Next year we decided my mom gets the kids & I'm going by myself. And I am going to be there bright and early - the parking was INSANE when we were leaving.

My next cake adventure - 40th Anniversary for my in-laws. This Sunday. It's a small intimate gathering, but I'm dreaming up something fun!


Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

Looks like quite the haul! I can't wait to see your next cake!

Melissa said...

i've been to the tent sale before. It is always nuts!