Tuesday, June 2

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I am in love.
I know some people only buy fabric at the fancy quilt shops. They only buy Moda, or other names I've never even heard of.
Not me. I'm not ashamed to buy at Joann's!

So I have to share my new love... Heidi Grace Fabric. I want major yardage of all of it. I want to clothe my daughter in Heidi Grace for years to come.

This is one of my favorites. I bought some matching ladybug stuff to go with it. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. It might be clothes, it might be something for Abby's room, I'm not sure. But it was just SO me that I had to grab some. (What would you do with it?)

I know it's been out for a while now, but I am just starting to have all sorts of ideas. My newest creation in the works has a little bit of thisand a little bit of this other yellow circle pattern that I couldn't find a picture of anywhere. And it is way too rainy and dark to try and take a picture for you. But a REALLY cute dress is coming up soon, I promise!


Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

As it happens ... I just booked a ladybug party! Let's talk soon!

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

I actually really like Joann's. That's my favorite sewing/crafting store. I can't afford to shop at other places!
That fabric is really cute... a sundress will be perfect!

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

I was just checking out your little "shop" and Wow!... your prices are great. Very reasonable! My 2 year old is sittin on my lap going crazy about the black & pinkdot bucket hat!
And, oh my, that tutu bag is so cute!
Good job... i love your stuff!

Nuttygirl said...

Joann's? I'm not ashamed to admit I bought tons of fabric at walmart when they were getting rid o all of it. You can't beat $1 or $2 a yard. I can't afford the expensive stuff.

Purple and Paisley said...

yayy for you! i, too, am not a fabric snob...if i like it? i just don't care where it comes from or what the brand name is...☺☺

Cassie said...

Things I like about fabric are... looks and price. I of course would like quality things, but I can't afford it so much with fabric. So I go with what I can afford. :) Nothing wrong with that if you like it!