Saturday, June 27

cowgirl party

My niece's 2nd birthday party was today. This is the (handmade) invite.
Her cute cake (made by her mom) and poorly photographed by me.She celebrated in fine cowgirl style! Don't you just LOVE the boots?Here we are in "our finest duds" as requested on the invitation. (OK, maybe not our finest duds, but I don't have the time to stitch up detailing & pearl buttons on shirts.)
I fringed up the bottom of the tee, appliqued the heart with dark blue bandana fabric & denim ricrac around the edge. The skirt was one she already had. Her hairclips (not shown) used a skinny denim ribbon & the denim ricrac.
For his shirt, I just appliqued a star on (out of the same fabric) and stitched around the inside with white & around the outside with dark blue. When he was getting dressed, he found the sheriff star in the dress-up box. He wanted to put it in the middle of the star on his shirt. After the picture, he said he needed a bandana and we went digging again and found a red one. Then he asked what a "real" cowboy looks like & how they wear their bandanas. Google images, here we come. We got it figured out. (He asked if cowgirls wear bandanas too. Tip: DON'T Google "cowgirl" with your 4 yr old watching. Images not *quite* as appropriate as cowboys. He just giggled and pointed, it's not that bad. I'm just sayin'...)For me - I just grabbed a skirt & tank I already had, and then made myself a simple fabric headband & necklace. For the necklace, I made a LONG tube of fabric, shoved some of the kid's beads inside, and tied knots. So easy. My skirt was a layered, ruffled blue denim-looking one I already had. But, unfortunately with a 4 yr old photographer in charge, you don't get to see the whole outfit. (My boots are the ones in the pic with Abby.)

Then at the end of the party, as the sun was setting...

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Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

Oh! That looks like such a great time ... you've got such a creative family.