Saturday, June 6

hi wheaton!

This is just a little tribute to my hometown, Wheaton, Illinois. It's not a perfect town, but I'm proud to say it's where I was raised. Although I live in the neighboring town now, I can still call it my hometown, right?

Today was the Taste of Wheaton, and although it was a little cool, cloudy, and rainy - we enjoyed it! Here's Conner on his first ever Ferris Wheel ride. He was LOVING it!

This would be the "mom, stop hugging me, I'm trying to enjoy the ride!" shot. (thanks Grandma for the photography skills.) Grandpa and Abby were waiting on the ground for us.Here's a view to the south. I included it for a couple reasons... just a little shot of my town, but also a possible last view of the town's first high school. If the Ferris Wheel is in the same spot next year, the high school will (probably) not be there - it's an old decrepit building that is being torn down and replaced by offices or condos or something. A piece of history, changing with the times.

Do you have a penny candy shop in your town? I guess, there's not really such a thing as penny candy anymore, but you know what I mean. The candy shop in my hometown was around the corner from the movie theater. It was actually just an alley that they covered and turned into "The Popcorn Shop". It's so skinny, it's address is actually 111-1/4 Front St. Too funny, huh? Here's my son continuing the family tradition. (Unfortunately, no movie theater anymore.) You pick up a little white bag at the front of the alley, work your way towards about the middle picking candy off all the shelves on one side. Then you give your bag to the worker who dumps it out and miraculously counts it. I would swear the tax sheet is the same one from my childhood tacked in the same place on the shelf - except that tax rates have changed! Then you pay and head on your way with a bag full of the best stuff you could pick! Our first treat was Pixy Stix. Yummmmmm....Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday - flying high, enjoying some candy, or whatever else made you happy today!

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Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

We probably passed right by you ... we took the train downtown on Saturday. I do remember penny candy in a little town in Utah growing up. Just about everyday on the way home from school. One piece of candy, one penny.