Saturday, June 13

vintage at its best

Found them! Here is the original scallop dress I wore 32 years ago. Kinda cute, huh?

Here's another one made from the same pattern. I guess it was a big deal to wear your place settings??? (My mom was trying to convince me. I'm not convinced.) I know the picture's not great, but we were running out of patience at the photo shoot the other day, and even though she's smiling now, she didn't really want to stand still so I could show you the whole place setting on the front.

And here is another little outfit from my childhood.. I groaned when I first saw it a few months ago - red, white, and blue with apples? What the heck? (No offense to anyone, just not really my favorite fabric.) I guess Abby agreed with me...Then I walked into Target and saw the same colors with a larger apple design. (And this was way before 4th of July stuff!) Kinda funny.


Courtney said...

I have a pattern just like the second outfit for my daughter. I still haven't gotten around to making anything from it though. My mom said that I had a bunch of outfits like that when I was little too. Must be a timeless pattern/design for cute little girls. I love the place setting dress personally, I'd totally dress my daughter in it!

Jackie said...

OK, this is Grama speaking. What a sweet little face!! I still love the patterns and I have seen them in current pattern books. The fabric may say 70/s, but not so much as some! It is all jsut so much fun! And before you know it, the kids will stop crawling all over you when you sew!!

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

I think I'm starting to remember this pattern in my own life!