Friday, December 4

annikka's dress revisited


I decided to give Dawn's dress pattern another try - this time, with corduroy. The hand-pleating at the skirt is a bit trickier just because it's thicker fabric, but all in all I'm happy with the results!!

The overskirt, bodice lining and sleeves are a Heidi Grace print.
The bodice and underskirt are black corduroy. Perfect for a holiday picture by the tree or special occasion!

The other one is corduroy sleeves, bodice, and overskirt. The bodice lining and underskirt are a white cotton with silver sparkles.It's the same beautiful blue corduroy that I used in the ice princess dress. Even though that one didn't fit quite right for Abby this winter, I think this one will be perfect!

Abby enjoyed watching out the window for the first big snow of the winter... still none here yet!


Myrnie said... girl's Nana made their Christmas dresses out of that corderoy last year. The two babies in the pink, and my oldest in the blue. Lovely pattern!

MaryAnne said...