Monday, December 28

soccer game

What do you do with a bag full of soccer players? Find them a field to play on of course!
Let them play - - -
And hope nobody gets a red card! (play by the rules please, guys.)
In case you want some details... here they are.
- The guys playing are Manchester United v. Chelsea
- Field is made out of a wooden tray painted green, field made out of green felt glued on, lines painted on with white fabric paint.
- Peg dolls painted as close to real uniforms as possible - 11 players on each team, and I actually looked up the roster online.

Yes, my brother is a BIG soccer fan. Now he can play soccer any time he wants - whether there's a game on or not! Merry Christmas, Matt!

{ I originally saw it on Crafty Crow - posted from A Bit of This & A Bit of That. I didn't do a goal post - and instead of storing the pieces in a box they go in a denim bag with soccer ribbon on it. I also didn't take the time to do faces & hair. Go check out hers though - so DARN cute! }