Thursday, December 24

sugar season

Christmas time... the sweetest sugariest season of all!

We've been busy the last couple of days! On Tuesday we had "Sugarfest: The Christmas Version" - so named because it was the same friends as Sugarfest: the Birthday Version. I realized after I'd downloaded all these pictures that there were so many sweet moments missed, and a couple of goodies not documented. Oh well - use your imagination :)

First - Ginger People. (We like to be politically correct in these here parts.) We played around with royal icing & tried flooding the cookies. Well, we know what to do better next time!

I found some pretzels that were Holiday Shapes - candy canes, stars, trees - and drizzled them with melted chocolate melted in a ziploc bag.

There was also some Rugelach made - but unfortunately, it is undocumented.
I guess I was too busy documenting our Little House experiment - molasses and syrup poured on snow. Was it supposed to harden? Or just make it sweet? Either way, the four of us gathered around the bowl laughing & enjoying.

These are our Mint Chocolate Sugar Drops - basically chocolate chip cookies - but made with Andes Mint chips instead, and rolled in sugar before baking. YUM!

On Wednesday, the baking continued. (in other words the flour coating of my kitchen continued.)
My brother and I continued our almost 20-year long tradition - baking Bon Bons. (That's his arm stuck in the picture in the middle.) Abby "helped" by sitting there eating rasisins and nuts. Conner rolled a bunch of the cookies and decorated with us too. My mom's sugar cookies snuck into the picture too - Conner helped her decorate some of those.
So the way you make bon bons - a sugary cookie dough is the base, and then you make balls of dough with goodies inside - mint chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, m&ms, nuts, craisins, raisins, cherries, red hots, or whatever else you'd like to experiment with - mini marshmallows, not a good idea.Bake them, then glaze & sprinkle & decorate.Are you ready for a surprise? Take a bite and see what's inside!!! (If you don't like it, pass it to your brother - he'll eat anything!)

There were jam cookies - can you tell Conner was helping?!
There was some Spritz creation - don't forget the red hots & green sprinkles!
That wraps up the Christmas Cookie tour... luckily the amount of calories consumed is balanced carefully with the enjoyment of time with friends and family!

Hope you & your family enjoy a sweet Christmas time together!!!

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