Wednesday, December 9

christmas 9

Snowman - Raymond Briggs
This wordless picture book is high on my list of favorites, just because of the fact that it is wordless. I love the fact that it's a different story every time! Yes, a lot of the story is told through the pictures. But the dialogue and commentary is always different, and makes me feel like I'm becoming a better storyteller. If I feel that way, it's surely doing wonders for my kids!

Snowmen at Night - Caralyn Buehner
This is another very well-known snowman book. I first discovered it when I was a librarian. The kids would fight over it after I read it, and LOVED looking for the hidden illustrations. Although the rhymes are *possibly* forced at times, my son thinks it's hilarious!

Snowmen at Christmas - Caralyn Buehner
It's a sequel story - cute, but just doesn't feel as original the second time around. We enjoy it, don't get me wrong - just maybe not the one you should put at the top of your list.

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