Tuesday, December 1

tree pucks

This is my mantle. Simple. No huge candlesticks. No big collection of greenery. Although I believe there are some truly beautiful mantles out there, I choose to go simple. I also think it's pretty important to keep the special stuff where we can easily see it & breakables out of the reach of little kids.

In between the stockings and water globes, I put our collection of pucks. Not hockey pucks - tree pucks. We cut the bottom off and I decorate it to celebrate the year. (By we, I mean HE!)
2001 - the year we got married - thus, the hearts everywhere.

2002 - just another year in the life. Then 2003 we moved into our new home - 5 days before Christmas!!
2004 - We were splitting at the seams - literally! I was a month away from my due date and felt ready to burst!!!

2005 - Yay! He's here! Conner loves it that he finally sees his name on this one.

2006 - not my favorite creative attempt, but there it is.

2007 - once again, bursting at the seams and pregnant with #2. Isn't it funny that both times I was pregnant the tree slice was cracked??! We didn't even plan it that way, honest!

2008 - and here she is! Our little angel is in the collection finally.

2009 - this year's tree puck. Obviously my drawing talents are limited... star - tree - holly. What would you put on yours?

The only problem is I think I'm going to need a bigger mantle soon... or I'm going to have to figure out another way to display them. It's getting a little crowded up there!


Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

I LOVE THIS!!! I've never heard of keeping the tree puck to commemmorate the year. Wonderful!!
Seeing how your family grew each year sure made me smile.

MaryAnne said...

I love this idea, and it's fun how you can see your family grow =)

Anonymous said...

Here via SMS - I don't have children, so didn't enter your giveaway, but wanted to say how much I love this idea. It's so charming! I still use the small fake tree I bought in college (a looong time ago, so I've gotten my money's worth!) but if I ever start using live trees, I will adopt this tradition.

Happy holidays & happy crafting!