Sunday, December 6

christmas 6

Gingerbread Baby - Jan Brett
Jan Brett does a beautiful interpretation of this traditional story. Even better, the sweet little boy in the book is named Matti (Matthew is a popular name in our family). Conner always looks forward to the ending and the gingerbread house.

Gingerbread Friends - Jan Brett
With a new rhyme and a new mission, the Gingerbread Baby is off exploring. He runs into some characters from the first book, and has a whiz-bang finale illustration that Conner loves to open and close almost as much as the original house in the previous book!

So have you explored Jan Brett's website yet? If not - go now! Her gingerbread collection of activities, games, coloring sheets, etc. is extensive to say the least. Conner loves to decorate the gingerbread house.

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Andrea said...

Jan Brett is amazing. Love her work. Check out T'Was the Night B'Fore Christmas by Melodye Rosales - a rewrite of the traditional poem with beautiful illustrations (including some quilts!) of an African American family. It's a favorite of ours.