Wednesday, December 16

dolls x 4

{ Spoiler alert..... If you are my mother-in-law or one of my sisters-in-law and you want to be surprised at Christmas ... turn away quick... }

Ok - everyone else - here's a sneak peek at some of the Christmas goodies.
The Black Apple doll isn't exactly a new project. It's just new to me. I never thought I'd get into dolls, but I guess so. I also said I'd never get into clothes, but obviously I was wrong about that!!! (the final frontier... doll clothes. I think I'll hold out a little longer on that one.)

I got a 5-pack of matching fat quarters. Each doll has matching stockings, and their own special matching dress with a monogram. If I have time, I might add some accessories (flower hair "pin", scarf, whatever else I can think of). For right now, I'm just excited about these little cuties!!
I know some people paint on faces or hand-embroider. I don't really like handwork so I just used fabric markers.
I had fun with the hair too.
Two curly-headed blondies...
And two straight-haired little dollies.
I can't wait to give them to my daughter & nieces!!!


Jackie said...


Care said...

Eeeeeeek!! I love them!! I am especially loving the added stitching detail on their hair. And the fabric marker faces are perfect! :o)

maryanne said...

These are very cute - the curly hair is my favorite :)