Thursday, December 10

christmas 10

(I was so busy watching Glee last night that I forgot to make sure the post was ready to go. oops. Any other Glee fans out there??)

Anyway - on with the books...
It's Tomie dePaola day!!! Let me just begin by saying, I love Tomie. Whenever anyone asks who you would want to have dinner with (as one of those ice-breaker games) - well, he's my go-to guy. Supposedly he has (or in the past has) quite a Christmas party for his friends. Decorating the house with lots of his folk art, I can only imagine what a treat for the eyes it would be. Let alone the fact that he just seems like he'd be a lot of fun!
So with that confession out of the way, I guess you could say I'm a little biased? Keep that in mind as you read the reviews. I did drag my family to Massachusetts this summer to see his exhibit at the Eric Carle Museum, for real!

(Some people really don't like his illustration style. Yes, his people are different. That's what makes them special. But as you read more about him, and why he adds some of the other things in his pictures (doves for example) it just makes me love him more.)

The Legend of the PoinsettiaA weaving mess and a present ruined... then a simple gift becomes beautiful. A lovely legend.

The Legend of Old BefanaCranky old ladies sometimes do care about kids! It's a great story to inspire homemade goodies delivered to a friend or neighbor.

Jingle, the Christmas Clown
I just love this sweet story about giving what you have. Little kids truly can make the best gifts of all!

The Night of Las Posadas
A Christmas miracle in the midst of a Mexican tradition. Well told!

Merry Christmas, Strega NonaAnother sweet story from Strega Nona & Big Anthony - and a reminder that "Christmas has a magic of its own."

There are other Christmas books I don't have - but these should be enough to start your love of Tomie dePaola!!

So - if you visit - you can check out his calendar. Today he's not too busy. Here's what it says for today:
-Concetta dePaola (my Italian grandmother) was born on this day.
-Human Rights Day

(but yesterday he had a doctor's appointment and lit the electric candles for the first time!)

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