Tuesday, December 15

baby legs... wannabes

Have you ever seen Baby Legs? I LOVE them. (In fact my daughter was wearing her rainbow pair today!) I've seen lots of tutorials for them, but don't want to hand-stitch and didn't feel like doing the cuff. I just cut feet off the knee-highs and double-folded the raw edge and sewed. I used a stretch stitch, but I still ended up with wavy ends. arrrgghhh... Anybody know how to avoid that?? I did my best not to pull or stretch as I sewed.

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maryanne said...

These are very cute! I wonder if there's a stitch you could use on your serger instead to finish the ends?

I've also heard that you can prevent this stretching by sewing with a piece of tissue paper underneath - then you pull out the tissue paper when you're done stitching.