Friday, April 3

sugarfest 09

I have a friend with a passion for fondant. We decided to get together with another friend, our six kids, and start a new tradition. We named it Sugarfest.

We started with about 20 candy molds, 10 bags of melting chocolate, one cake, one batch of Rice Krispies, 4 colors of fondant, and I don't even know how many pounds of sugar.

The kids played in the room right off the kitchen and would roam in and out as the spirit moved them. I learned how to make fondant (YAY!! SO easy!!!) and my friend learned about the joy of Wilton melting chocolates.

We adorned Rice Krispies - perfect for the one little boy who has a dairy allergy. And pretty yummy for the rest of us, too! (so yummy they didn't even all make it to the photo shoot!)

We dipped Oreos & marshmallows. We painted the molds and made fancy candies.

And of course, we made our own cake pops. After the picture was taken we dipped the other sides of them for maximum cake coverage and chocolate enjoyment.

Best of all - I have a bunch of goodies ready to go for my daughter's 1st birthday party next weekend.

Luckily the weather behaved as well as the kids. We sent five of them out to play after tasting our goodies. The baby played inside and the three moms rested.
All in all - I would call it a successful day.

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