Tuesday, April 14

custom princess, pt 2

You may remember my niece's adorable princess bedroom - princess pillow, princess quilt - well, this is the latest addition to her princess collection. (We're not quite out of fabric yet, so watch out - more may be coming!)

It is a bucket hat, complete with velcro chin strap. The brim of the hat is three layers - the crown fabric is repeated on the top and bottom layers, but the middle layer is pink, white and silver swirly stars.

The other little darling? She's getting a new toy!

I tried out a slightly smaller block at her mom's request. I think I may have to stick with the new size! I also added a new fabric - it's white with little grippy dots on it. I bought it once thinking I was going to try and make a few booties. That didn't happen. But I think it is another great texture to add for the baby to play with. It also seemed to work out well with the polka dot ribbon, don't you think?

Her baptism is coming up too.

So I've put together the perfect combo - a hooded towel with a rainbow on it and Noah's Ark by Jerry Pinkney.

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