Friday, April 3

the times they are a-changin'

I was sitting there at my sewing machine cranking out some products for my artfire shop yesterday, and I paused for a minute to get the next pieces together and had to kind of laugh.
This was my set-up...

My new fancy Brother with more computerized functions than I ever thought I would be using, my pincushion, and my iPhone. (Luckily there's enough room that I can have it sitting right there cranking out the tunes and not getting in the way of my sewing.)

I remember all the times learning to sew on my mom's Singer. The times I ended up in tears, fighting with my mother that I knew what I was doing, or that I just didn't want to hear what she was saying. (Now of course, I turn to her for advice and tips. Well, sometimes. haha.) She can hardly contain the excitement when I suggest a trip to Joann Fabrics together.
My grandmother never knew so much about who I am as a grown-up. She died right before my senior year in college, so she never even saw me through my student teaching years, having my own classroom. That saddens me a lot, since she was a teacher too. Let alone my transition to Children's Librarian, or my transition to motherhood. She would be floored that I sew as much as I do... I was quite anti-sewing in high school and college. Or maybe she wouldn't be that surprised - she would know it was in the genes.
Let alone my other grandmother - a former home ec teacher. She died when I was in 8th grade, so I feel like I know her even less. But I wonder what she would have to say about how I spend my afternoons.
I'd like to think that they would both want to sit down and sew with me. We'd have fun with my new machine, fun fabrics like minkee, and they'd help me get over my [irrational] fear of zippers and doll clothes. We'd talk quilts and cottons, and maybe they would even try to convince me that handwork isn't that bad. [I know better!] They would tell me about the joy of smocking a dress for me as a baby.
Then, of course, we'd all have a batch of chocolate chip cookies with milk. Because that's how all perfect days end. And we'd make up our project list for the next day!
(sounds like fun, right mom?)

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Jackie said...

Actually, we might have to have the cookies earlier than the end of the day! You are right - Grama and Grandma would love it that you sew and are a teacher/librarian. They both loved teaching and reading abd sewing.