Thursday, April 9

baby Abby

Here is my little peanut, sweet pea, darling baby girl. She kept me up through the night, and greeted me at 6:20 in the morning a year ago. I'm not a morning person, but she was the perfect way to start off my day! (You better believe I requested french toast for breakfast!)

We celebrated tonight with cupcakes. She couldn't shove it in fast enough. And that was after a pretty crummy nap and feeling sick. I can't imagine what she'll do with cake and ice cream at her party Saturday! Watch out!

Check out the smocking on that dress. My grandma made it for me to wear when I was a baby. And wait until you see the smocking my mom did on the dress for her party. Yowza. Pretty impressive.
Anyway - happy birthday, beautiful girl!

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Melissa said...

Happy 1st Birthday Abby!