Saturday, April 18

swingset in a day

Here's our recipe for a swingset in a day...

Start with great plans... drawn up by one uncle and presented to a special four year old on his birthday (2-1/2 months ago)
Bring a ton of lumber, swingset braces, etc. etc. etc....
Put it all together over the course of a day and what do you have?
A ledge for "storefront" business, a balance beam, a climbing wall, a slide, two swings, a steering wheel, a ladder, and a spot for a firefighter's pole to be installed later.

best quote of the day... (from the neighbor)
"Are you guys Amish or something?"

It wasn't really a barn-raising, but we got it done in one day.
Thanks to the uncles and grandpa for their help!! YOU GUYS ROCK!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Your neighbor is funny! Great swing set. We tried but couldn't see it from the road.