Saturday, April 11

party time!

So... I have this friend who is a fondant queen. (see sugarfest 09 for more details.)
She generously gave of her time and helped me make a ton of fondant flowers. I made butter recipe chocolate cupcakes, frosted them, and then stuck the flowers on top. Cute huh? It gets better...

So after I finished the cupcakes, I still had a ton of fondant flowers. (on purpose. I planned this. just follow along...)

So I dipped a bunch of little pretzel sticks in green chocolate. I then attached them to a bunch of flowers.

And voila - a flower garden fit for a 1 year old!

There were five petal flowers (just like the shape of the cake) and then tulips - all in a variety of colors.

One brother-in-law and my father-in-law weren't able to be here for the party, but we sent home a few extra fondant flowers and cupcakes for them to enjoy. Even better, we have leftovers for the rest of the upcoming week!

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