Tuesday, April 21


My son is starting to really figure it all out. Letters make words. Words tell stories. You can make letters and words, too!!!

So - I grabbed my handy dandy stash of lined Post-Its (he picked the color) and then we sat down to write a greeting for the front door. Letter by letter, he did it! He had to underline it for emphasis of course.
This is a card he made the other day "for mom and dad". It is now hanging on the fridge. Oh, and yeah - the C in the top left corner was him signing the card. Too much work to write out his whole name! (Plus, I guess he was running out of room anyway.)
And the Post-It note that may just about get saved for eternity... (right now it's on my bedroom door.)
I can't wait to see what else he'll come up with. I'm excited to write little notes with him and surprise each other by sticking them all over the place. How long will this phase last? I've got a drawer full of Post-its... I'm ready!


MaryAnne said...

Very cute! I can't wait for my kids to start writing real words...

Jackie said...

How about fishing for the alphabet?