Sunday, April 26

noah's ark

It rained and rained and rained today.
Then the sun came out.
We didn't see a rainbow, probably because we were busy inside - celebrating with my niece. Today was her baptism day.

In her honor - a couple Noah's Ark books for you to discover...

Noah's Ark - by Peter Spier - as usual for him there are VERY detailed illustrations. It is a little bit more harsh (?) about the story, but it really draws you in. Yeah - it's a Caldecott Award winner too!

Noah's Ark - by Jerry Pinkney - gorgoeus sweeping illustrations with a yellow tone to them, capturing the majesty of God's creation. Yeah - it's a Caldecott Honor Award winner too.

In the Shadow of the Ark
- by Anne Provoost - this one is for grown-ups. Just another way to look at the story. I found it absolutely fascinating.

On Noah's Ark - by Jan Brett - she is one of the best at telling a story within a story. Her framed illustrations add a whole extra dimension to the story.

Noah's Wife - by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso - have you ever wondered how the plants made it through the flood? Well, Noah's wife gathered them all, of course! It adds a nice twist to the traditional telling, and answers some of my questions!

We're All in the Same Boat - by Zachary R. Shapiro - Noah encourages all the animals to get along. It's alphabetical and adorable!

Hope you have a sunny week!

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