Sunday, April 5

bunny books

My mother started me on bunnies early. My 1st birthday was actually on Easter, and I had a bunny cake. I collected rabbit trinkets, stuffed rabbits, rabbit books. I was even lucky enough to have my rabbit stuff on display at the library once as a child. Woo-hoo! I felt special.

Here are my cute bunnies earlier this week.

Can you find Peter (Rabbit and Cottontail)? The bunnies from Goodnight Moon and Guess How Much I Love You?

So for today - just a quick glimpse at some of the literary bunnies I know and love.

Peter Rabbit - such a classic. There is a little contest going on right now on their website. Find the Easter Eggs and get entered to win a set of Beatrix Potter's books.

Guess How Much I Love You - it is such a sweet little parent/ child interchange. I don't honestly love the fact that the parent has to always "one-up" the kid, but I've gotten over that and just think it's a nice story to read with my kids. Plus, the bunnies are cute.

I Am A Bunny - a classic Golden Book - a little bunny in red overalls.

Bunny's Noisy Book
- I think this is my son's favorite out of the bunny collection. We love guessing the sounds that bunny hears, and trying to make them ourselves.

Little Bunny - the best part for my son is the little button in the corner that says "boing boing boing boing". (try saying that five times fast)

Who's your favorite bunny? What Easter books are you going to be reading this week?

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Melissa said...

thanks for letting us come over and borrow your props. Abby's bunny pictures turned out cute.

thank you,
Melissa and Abby