Sunday, April 19

time to plant something!

The slow pitter patter of raindrops outside today helps me look forward to the coming weeks - I know that the green grass is growing and it is almost time for me to get out into the garden. Unfortunately, I am really good at the dreaming, and mildly good at the planting. I'm not so good at the follow-through of weeding and garden maintenance in the fall. So - when all else fails, I grab a wonderful garden book. Enjoy a few of these as you wait for the flowers to grow in your yard!

Allison's Zinnia - this is the fiction one in the bunch today. It's just a fun book that goes through different people giving and receiving flowers in alphabetical order.

The Tiny Seed - I guess they're reissuing this with bigger better collages. Yay for Eric Carle! It is such a fun trip for a bunch of seeds, and my son loves watching what happens to all of them.

Planting a Rainbow - Lois Ehlert is always good for a bright, colorful look at the world. In this book, she goes through the rainbow of colors and has numerous items for all. Gorgeous.

A Seed is Sleepy - this popped up on Amazon when I was searching for the link for The Tiny Seed. I've got to try and find this one. Sounds interesting!

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