Monday, April 27

pink pink and more pink

My friend in Arizona has two daughters, one of whom I have never met. (It's not easy or in the budget to just fly across country, sadly!) She said... something pink, something cool, and this is what I came up with. I wish you all could touch this fabric. It is so light and breezy, perfect for trying to make it through an Arizona summer.

Even better - I think this is the first bunch of buttons and buttonholes I have made where I didn't curse at any of them! YAHOO!

And an added bonus for having your friend (of over 20 years) sew something special for your daughters - matching fabric headbands. I had a little bit of extra fabric and remembered seeing this. So in no time at all, here they are.
Off to the post office tomorrow. They're coming, A!


Anonymous said...

Thanks B. I love them, and I am sure the girls will also. I will try to send you a picture with them wearing them.



The dresses are just lovely! I have made many a quilt, but have never made any clothing. I have trouble taking up the hem in my sons clothing. You are an inspiration!

Red Pepper Quilts

Kacey R. said...

These dresses are just darling!! I love the headbands too. I have wanted to make a dress for Ruby Jane but have not the first idea how to follow a pattern. I should maybe just try and wing it...oh and fake the button holes and use snaps instead and sew a pretty button in the proper place. LOL

Great job!