Friday, April 17


I love daffodils. So bright and cheerful, so resilient to the obnoxious changing weather of an Illinois April. They grow in big bunches in fields across the Arboretum that we visit often. I think they make for the perfect photo shoot.
Except that I have to convince the two kids of that! This is pretty much the only shot of both of them together where she wasn't screaming and crying. It was getting close to naptime, but seriously - just one cute little smile for the camera, WITH your brother?
I'm pretty happy with how the single shots turned out, though.

She was (of course) watching Conner. When is he going to learn to stand BEHIND me when I have the camera?!

Of course, he's not exactly the one to remember the lens either. Here he is, looking up at my mom holding Abby who was screaming.

Ahhh... a smile! Yay!

Hope you had a gorgeous spring day like we did!!!!

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MaryAnne said...

Gorgeous daffodils! Love the smiling photo of your daughter :)