Saturday, April 11

smocking party dresses

This post should really be titled "SHOUT OUT TO MY AWESOME MOM". She can smock up a storm.

This is my daughter's Easter dress, part 2. (She has so many pretty dresses she's wearing one to church and one to the meal.)

She has a pleating machine, but all the embroidery on top was done by hand. Do you see the ribbon woven in the handwork?

Cute little bow in the back of course.

This is my daughter's birthday party dress. Once again, pleating machine, but otherwise - all hand embroidered. Bunnies and flowers. Perfect for my little spring girl!

Did you see the piping along the top edge? And check out the poofy sleeves below. My mom even had a slip for her to wear underneath!

OH, and yeah, she did this all with major magnification on a CCTV. She rocks. I've got her stubborn side, just not all the patience. Thanks mom for all your hard work to make TWO beautiful dresses!!

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