Saturday, April 4

dyed and hidden

My parents spend the season of Lent blowing eggs (and therefore enjoying a lot of cakes & french toast!) to get ready for Easter. Because they blow all their eggs, it is easy to keep them for decorating from year to year. Right now I think the count is up to about 25 dozen. Perfect for Easter Egg Hunts too - if you don't find them all, no big deal. The worst that could happen is you have to vacuum later!

Check out her cute window display - a cute little bunny and a chicken full of eggs (only some of the blown ones).

We got busy with about four dozen eggs. My son didn't seem to find much use for the cute little wire things that come in the Paas box - hands work much better, right?!?
My only question... how many times do you have to wash your hands before the dye will come off???!! My son's hands are a WICKED green color!

Then we headed outside for the Easter Egg hunt. My dad hid eggs all over their yard, and Conner went everywhere and eventually filled up the basket. Then they hid them all again for my husband and I to find. Neverending fun.

What are you doing to start your Easter celebration?


Grampa/Dad Bob said...

I'm so glad that you all are enjoying the Easter egg coloring and hunting tradition as well.

I enjoyed going with Conner on his Easter egg hunt. He was so excited with every egg he found. And then he had a lot of fun hiding eggs for you and Shawn to find, as well.

Love, Dad

Jackie said...

One more family Eater story that I love. It comes from Beth/s second grade teacher, Mrs.Russell> She asked the class if they knew what Lent was (yes, it was a publice school). Beth said, "Oh, yes! It lasts for 40 days, and on Palm Sunday Jesus rides a donkey into Jerusalem, and then Jesus dies and there is Maunday Thursday and Good Friday, and then the Easter bunny comes!" A good illustration of teaching by ezperience, I think.The dyed eggs and jelly beans made a lasting impression.