Wednesday, May 6

coming up

A couple fun things I'm excited to be a part of...

My first official be the thread PARTY! This Friday night a group of gals will be getting together at a friend's house for a sewing and decorating extravaganza.
When they get there, munchies and drinks will be served of course! But they're each going to get their own little party packet - a bag with paper, Sharpie, scissors, crafting instructions and tally sheet. (oh yeah, and my business card too)I'm thinking I might have to toss in a little piece of chocolate too. That always gets my creative juices flowing! It will be so much fun to see what everybody comes up with. I will of course, also be selling items from my ArtFire shop.

Spring Market - May 27th - It is hosted by Gretchen. She lives at 0s350 Ellithorp Lane in Geneva - if you're local, please stop by between 3:30 and 7:30. She makes bottlecap necklaces. I can't wait to see them! Nata-Leigh (my very 1st follower!) will be there with her Children's Party planning business.

If you are just a "virtual" friend - don't worry, here's your opportunity!!! Starting May 15th, the ArtFire Sew What Guild is hosting a "Pink & Green" Blog Tour. I'm not sure yet what my day is (she's still organizing) - but I'm going to have a giveaway! My first!

Last thing - I have a new button on the side! Just Something I Made is giving out free buttons and I snagged the email one - it was just too perfect. Now you don't have to look around, go to my profile, blah blah. It's just right there. Yay! (so the coming up part is I hope that there will be some fun emails coming up in my inbox!)


Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

The little bags are such a great idea for Mom's Night Out! I wish I had thought about that when I hosted it last month. Maybe next month ... but I'm totally claiming the idea for my own!

Flamingo K said...

This is a terrific idea. Thanks for sharing.