Thursday, May 14

finishing up from the party, round 1

I've finished up a couple items from the party, and wanted to share. More coming soon!

This is the before. Cute enough with the ruffle and hearts. But not enough for my dear pal, Jenn. Gotta go EXTRA girly. So we added a little something.

Tutu skirt, pink satin ribbon at waistline with bow - is that girly enough now?!
This onesie was just plain hearts before - she added the buttons. A little something extra cute.

This is my favorite thing of the whole evening I think. The tank top and shorts were plain purple and turquoise. She cut out the girl's name, the hearts for the tank, and two hearts for the shorts - a big one on front, a little one on the backside.

Aren't the overlapped hearts adorable?Kylie is one lucky birthday girl!

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MaryAnne said...

These are adorable! I love the tutu onesie, what a cute idea!